Dana helped my husband and I find a rental property in Doylestown PA. We had sold our home in the city and were looking for a temporary rental in the suburbs while we look to purchase a home in the suburbs. Dana knew exactly what I meant when I told her I wanted a ‘town’ not just the suburbs. She knew the lifestyle I was leaving behind in center city and the type of ‘suburban but not too suburban’ lifestyle I wanted to transition to. She not only was informative about different areas and towns, but also intricacies of each area and the lifestyles available within those areas. (I had known her as a Philly expert and was impressed with her knowledge of the surrounding suburbs!)

Ultimately, she showed us properties in Doylestown and pointed out things about homes/ properties I would have never noticed. She put as much time and energy into helping us find a temporary rental as one would expect from a real estate agent while going through the home buying process. We would definitely recommend Dana to any friends and family. I know that I will enjoy working with Dana on looking for our next home to purchase.

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